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What is Sleep Disordered Breathing?

Sleep-disordered breathing is where during normal sleep cycles, there is a lack of breathing volume which sends your body into a panic.  Really, it could be called "breathing-disordered sleep" since the breathing malfunction is disturbing the normal, restorative properties of sleep.  To have a good night's rest is very healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  That sometimes elusive, restful sleep is made of multiple building blocks, and as you seek to improve each one correctly, your overall health improves, and your quality of life increases.

The amazing thing is that we tend to live without some of these healthy building blocks, in a place called the adaptability zone, where we are surviving the stress of not having enough rest.  In other words, we adapt to a less-than-optimal sleep pattern, which is okay for a while until something happens that throws us out of the zone where we can adapt.  Perhaps a new boss is starting to stress you more during the day, or you are in a car accident.  Other stressors suddenly make the whole system struggle, and multiple symptoms start to show up because multiple systems begin to fail in some way.

Stressed Woman

Here are examples of building blocks

Once something like stress brought on by illness, trauma, drama, etc makes us need good, quality, nightly recovery, and we have not been getting it, other health problems arise, called co-morbidities, such as high blood pressure, bladder problems, heart palpitations, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and on and on.  Some of these illnesses are directly related to the sleep interruptions themselves.  Having a heart race with adrenaline every few minutes all night long is not healthy!  And when the deepest sleep is interrupted, mental and emotional health suffers.

Sleep-disordered breathing is associated with a shortened life, and the quality of that life is diminished.  We can help you find out if sleep-disordered breathing is happening to you, and help you get the resources you need to improve your sleep.  Call or email us today to find out!

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